Hailing from the stark and unyielding deserts of the United States, Juheun emerges from the dust with mind-warping, forward-thinking techno. Constantly searching for a perfect balance between analog gear and the newest technology, he blurs the lines between the past and the future to create a modern and dynamic sound.

Juheun just remixed Dusty Kid’s ‘Constant Rising’ via Octopus Recordings. Today he shares 5 tips to become an outstanding producer. 

1. Less is more.

I always like to start my projects and remixes using only stock plugins and soft synths in Ableton Live. I find myself able to stay more focused and get exactly what I want without being distracted by all the bells and whistles that come with 3rd party plugins and VSTs. Once I get my tracks to about 75% done… the basic ideas… patterns… drums and layout… then I move the project into the studio where I have all my toys. This is when my main focus shifts from being creative to more of a technical based workflow like swapping out synths and plugins for after market ones and focusing on polishing the sounds and overall project. Having more of a step by step process like this allows me to know where I am in the overall process of making and finishing a song.

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