Change is one of the few guarantees we have in life. In the stark and expansive desert regions of the southern United States, geographical changes have reshaped the region over millions of years while cultural and societal changes occur more rapidly. In the electronic music scene of Phoenix, Arizona, there has been drastic change over the past two decades. What started in the warehouses moved to the clubs and from the clubs to the festival stages. Juheun has continually navigated this ever-evolving scene, and seemingly always with his finger on the pulse. As people’s taste in music develops, some artists come and go with the passing of time, unable to find a way to stay current in the ever rapidly changing global music scene. More than simply keeping himself relevant, Juheun developed a formula to thrive. Whether it was sound, style or medium, Juhuen was constantly reinventing himself and remained a constant on the music landscape without having to compromise.

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