Release Date: 2021-10-01
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October the 1st meet USA based artist and producer – Juheun to deliver his two-tracks release titled “M87” followed by the remix from gorgeous Simina Grigoriu to Set About!

“M87 I named this track after a galaxy called Messier 87 which has a black hole in its center sitting about 53 million light years from Earth. M87 instantly brings us to the event horizon with razor sharp stabs sprinkled amidst a ruthless kick drum. The first drop in the track slaps you into space and prepares the listener for a wild ride as the drums progressively build into the next void.

In ‘Digital High’ I tried to capture the feeling and emotion of traveling through space and time, a fusion of unrelenting energy and ethereal synths. I wanted it to be an unpredictable journey for the listener, invoking feelings of clarity and wonder. The hypnotizing vibe pumps from start to finish with a sci-fi breakdown and drop that hits the dance floor with massive energy. “