Release Date: 2022-03-18
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The ever-reliable Kuukou Records continues with stern and burly intent with an onslaught of releases ready for dance-floors as they continue to open up across the beginning of 2022. Simina Grigoriu’s label follows on Kuukou’s last EP with a fresh with a single featuring 2 feisty remixes from I AM BAM and Southampton based artist Melody’s Enemy.

It’s evident from the very first kick drum that ‘Instant Communication’ slots effortlessly into the Kuukou catalogue; the title track drives a heaving kick under flashing 909 hats before the whole recording opens up into a dark and cinematic breakdown. Rasping low-end rips under strings and vocal snips, swelling with tension before sparking the floor back up with powerful effect.

Thundering & menacing from the very first kick drum, I AM BAM’s remix of ‚Instant Communication’ takes the listener higher with pure, ruthless rave energy. The arps weave an infectious & hypnotic journey throughout the track blending seamlessly into the rhythm of the drums. Bam’s signature raw, energy shines through and delivers us a warehouse stomper destined to elevate any dancefloor instantly.

Melody’s Enemy then concludes things with his take – a slightly more stripped version which relies on deft sound design, a consistent sense of pressure and filtered vocals which round off another sterling addition to a catalogue of music going from strength to strength.